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Site about mystical amazing dog from Tibet - Lhasa Apso. More information about breed, Tibet, China, breed standard, photo gallery, video and more interesting things, Tibetan lhasa apso in Russia

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Lhasa Apso puppy Bailey

Puppis Photo
born 6 puppys

Photogallery LHASA APSO in Westminster Kennel Club 2006 February 13, 2006

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 Kennel Little Lhasa (registred in FCI) - Lhasa apso dogs & puppis

My name is Sergey, and these are my dogs Lhasa Apso. Is my web site, in galleries more 500 original photos and video. Creating it I wished to popularize this fine breed of dogs. In Russia there are not many Lhasa Apso dogs, they are not popular and are poorly known.

 Lhasa Apso puppys


I keep dogs for more than 25 years, and for 15 of them I dreamed to get Lhasa Apso. Two years ago my dream has become true: thry dogs this breed, male Ahtal Giyaz Taglibi (Philip) born on the 22-d of September 2002 , female Tatrix Zlata born on the 17-th of December 2002 and female Charodei Virginia Woolf born on the 27-th of November 2004. Their parents are the best from this kind of dogs available in Russia, and they will be the base of my breeding nursery. By the way, Lhasa Apso has practically not been affected by the modern cynological selection, therefore they are healthy, longstanding and have fine adaptability to different living conditions.My main purpose is preservation of the original Tibetan type Lhasa Apso, increase their quantity and increase their popularity in my country.


om mani padme hum

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